Get a Cash Advance For Your Business

Need Money to Grow Your Business?
If yes, we can offer you a cash advance from $5,000.00 to $500,000.00 REGARDLESS OF CREDIT SCORE, that can be used for expansion, equipment purchase, inventory surplus around the holidays or busy season, marketing and promotion, advertising, back taxes, unforeseen business or personal expenses, etc. If no, not now, then wouldn’t it be wise to plan ahead in the current economic landscape and set up an emergency fund system that provides you with an immediate infusion of readily available cash  when you need it most?

What the Solutions for Success Offers...
Collection Agency Merchant Services offers a truly groundbreaking and unique financial program which is a 4 dimensional underwriting and approval process that focuses on future credit card transactions and receivable’s revenue as a repayment vehicle. This unique system allows us to estimate and quickly asses our return probability using all of the dimensions of your business and not just your credit score! Our sole objective is to provide you with working capital that’s quick, easy, and affordable and will help you to achieve and exceed your business growth objectives plus avoid the hassles and indignities that accompany traditional 1 dimensional bank loan applications.

Receive Cash In As Little As 24 Hours!
Even if you do not need the money right now, you simply can’t predict the future. In our current economic landscape which has been a challenge to many good hard working business owners like yourself, it can prove crucial to have an emergency cash advance system in place just in case? Then, should you really need it, your application will already be approved and you will receive your cash advance within 24 hours deposited directly into your business funding account.
Cash Advance      vs.       Conventional Loan
"Solutions For Success" Program
Applying for a business cash advance from Everest Funding Group is quick and easy. The application is only two pages and can be faxed or e-mailed directly back to us. You will know within 24-48 hours if you’ve been approved and how much we can allocate towards the continued growth and success of your enterprise. We will usually provide several options of funding and together with you determine based on your infrastructure what the best solution will be. Remember, the success of your business is always our number one goal!!
To qualify for a cash advance...
The monthly VISA/MasterCard revenue must be $5k or more
You have no prior unresolved bankruptcies
You have been in business for at least 9 months
Repayment for your cash advance is based upon your future swiped VISA/MasterCard credit card transactions. A monthly percentage of these future sales is used as the determining factor for repayment. There are no bank loan repayment statements, no fixed monthly payments, and no penalties for late payments. Repayment occurs automatically and follows your business revenue flow. We base our success on the success you achieve as a result of our cash advance to you. We’re putting our money and confidence on you and your ability to make the best use of financing and grow your business.
Financial statements not required
Detailed Financial Statements for 2-3 yrs
Audited Tax Returns not required
Audited Tax Returns
for 2-3 years
Must be in business for a minimum of 2-3 years
Must be in business 9 months or less*
Personal Guarantees
of all owners
Guarantee only against
fraud or intervention**
Lengthy Approval
Process of 1-3 months
24 to 48 hours for
Costly Application Fees
No application fees
High Credit Scores Required
Proprietary scoring system does not require high credit score
Fixed Payments
Payment only based on
sales percentage, no
sales, no payment.
Costly Closing Cost
Only a fractional percentage of your future credit card sales
Collateral of all
business Assets
Repayment based only on future sales and the
success of your business
Complicated 12 page Application
2 pages basic application and copy of last four
months credit card processing statements.
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